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Parish Council


  • Fr. FraValentine Amobi
  • Marga Cugnet (Chair)
  • Pat Wolensky
  • Greg Brown
  • Wendy Sidloski
  • Sarah Ayeri
  • Brenda Kosior
  • Vic Messer
  • Jim Wanner
  • Val Wing (Secretary)

Mission Statement:

The Parish Pastoral Council of St. Vincent de Paul Parish acts as a consultative and advisory body to the Pastor in discerning, identifying, and evaluating the needs of the parish community, so as to find the means that best respond to these needs.  Through reflection, planning, coordination, animation and action, the Parish Pastoral Council ensures that all different aspects of parish life are considered and integrated into the overall pastoral development for our parish.  Its work is that of animation rather than implementation, which generally is entrusted to the committees that have been formed for that purpose.  The Pastor and the Parish Pastoral Council act in communion with the Holy Father, the Archbishop and the teachings of the universal Church.