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Church Committees

St. Vincent de Paul has many parish committees that work hard to ensure that the different areas of our church are maintained, and that the goals of our parish are met.

Spiritual Adult Faith Formation Committee

The Adult Education Committee strives to bring awareness of the rich Catholic faith through Bible Study, Adoration Hours, and other studies and speakers throughout the year.

Contact: Camille Goski - 861-3630

Committee Members

  • Camille Goski
  • James Richards
  • Tristen Crooks
  • Aime Isabey
  • Bernie Kot


​McKenna Hall Committee

Chair: Brenda Kosior

Parish Finance Council

Chair: Pamela Haupstein

Liturgy Committee

Liturgy is Jesus acting in modern times through his mystical body, as he acted in Gospel times through his flesh and blood body. The Liturgy is celebrating mass. It is celebrated through Baptism. It is celebrating Reconciliation. In the words of the Second Vatican Council, Liturgy is Jesus continuing his "work of redemption" on earth.

Aunt Deborah read the scripture to me like a daily newspaper and I suppose that's the way she thought of it, as something going on, happening eternally but always exciting and new. Every Easter Jesus really rose from the dead, an explosion, expected but nonetheless new; it wasn't two thousand years ago to her; it was now.

- John Steinbeck
The Winter of our Discontent

This excerpt illustrates what liturgy is. It is not something that happened two thousand years ago; it is something expected, but new - happening now.