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Welcome to St. Vincent de Paul Parish

We are a community alive with the Good News of Jesus Christ, celebrating joyfully together, and reaching out in justice and love to share our faith with the world.

Mission Statement

In communion with the Holy Father, our Bishop, and the teachings of the Universal Church; we, the members of St. Vincent de Paul Parish, are a community of hope and joy, renewed each time we celebrate the Eucharist, the reason for our existence and the source of our growth.


Wednesday, June 22


Feast of John Fisher, bishop, and Thomas More, martyrs

Standing together for religious freedom

Today we celebrate the feasts of two great saints and martyrs: Saint Thomas More, chancellor of England, and Saint John Fisher, bishop of Rochester. They were martyred within two weeks of each other by King Henry VIII (who had been a good friend to both) for defending the sanctity of marriage and papal authority. They were beatified together by Pope Leo XIII in 1886 and canonized together by Pius XI in 1935. It is very hard to uphold and defend our moral values. May these two saints be our models and heroes when our integrity is threatened.

Today’s readings: 2 Kings 22:8-13; 23:1-3; Matthew 7:15-20 (373). “A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.”


Thursday, June 23

Old Testament, in short

God makes the world good. People prefer their own way. Sin and pain enter the story. Brother kills brother. Rains fall, waters rise. We start again. Nations scatter and fortify. God befriends Abraham. Abraham’s kin move to Egypt and are enslaved. Rescued by Moses, Israelites receive God’s laws and enter Canaan. We start again. Judges rule. Kings take the throne. Jerusalem becomes God’s city. A temple to God is built there. Babylon destroys Jerusalem, the temple, and the kingship. Israel is exiled to Babylon, then released. We start again. Always, always, God’s people must start again.

Today’s readings: 2 Kings 24:8-17; Matthew 7:21-29 (374). “[Nebuchadnezzar] carried off all the treasures of the temple . . . and deported all Jerusalem.”


Friday, June 24

Solemnity of the Nativity of John the Baptist

Who is your saint?

Unlike many images of Jesus and the saints, John the Baptist is not portrayed in pastels, gazing heavenward. He is the wild man, driven to announce the coming Kingdom. Many scholars believe that Jesus may have been a disciple of John, and when John was martyred, Jesus himself took up the message—an intense mission, but not a joyless one. One film shows John with Jesus after his Baptism, standing in the Jordan, dripping and embracing, almost giddy at what God was doing with them. Do you have a saint to whom you can draw close, to help you laugh at yourself, someone you can learn from?

Today’s readings: Day: Isaiah 49:1-6; Acts 13:22-26; Luke 1:57-66, 80 (587). “It is too little, he says, for you to be my servant . . . I will make you a light to the nations.”